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#darVOZweek 2018
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graphical, navigable, interactive decision documentation

Decisions, arguments, ethical considerations - all of these involve more-or-less complex linkages of ideas, discussions, evidence, speculation. Linkages can take many forms; imperative, emotional, causative, philosophical, normative, contested - and so on.
Typically, positions are taken on the basis of some wordy rehearsal of the above, and typically, rather loosely, incompletely and rhetorically justified. Post-rationalisation creeps in, suppression of positions not represented in the decision - the usual.
But this leaves future engagement with the topic in a sense no further forward, leaves analysis and debate a matter of history and sociology, rather than clear exegesis.
Tools for recording, documenting, presenting, exploring, testing, refining, playing with such processes have the potential to significantly improve social capacity to make good decisions, and to revisit them when they need revision, without having to reinvent the wheel.
There exist a variety of approaches to this sort of tool [1,2], but none of these has gained wide acceptance or utility. Many are tied tightly to one or another subdomain of the area.
What can be done to move forward from this position?
We will have the participation of several teams active in this field, and also a project with a powerful need for tools like this - the Progressive Ethics Project.
The project will be running an evening event - Mapping the Ethical Framework.

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SUN Feb 4 : DarVoz 2019

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