Democratic Money

#darVOZweek 2018
FOCUS:Jan30  CODING:Jan29-Feb2
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How would you design a currency synergetic with democracy?

Is debt-based currency inherently oligarchic? Is it possible for money with a monopoly on issuance to play well with effective democracy?
Does size matter? How is the scale of operation of money systems related to the scale of operation of democracy?
What are the parameters of money systems? What are their implications? How do they interact - with each other? With their social setting? Can we design money systems with any confidence about their large-scale systemic features? To what extent do currency systems exhibit formally complex properties?

Bitcoin has lifted the lid of Pandora's money-box. It is now incontrovertibly the case that many characteristics of money are simply design decisions that get made. That many types of currency are imaginable, with wildly disparate characteristics and implications. At this point the important question is - what type of money will work best with the kind of society we would like?
It's time to institute the study of money as a design problem - to pull money, squirming and struggling, into the light, and begin to map the possibility space more thoroughly, more seriously, more operationally than ever before.
We'll lay the groundwork for a 'Pattern Language of Mutual Credit'.

We'll be running a World Cafe / Unconference approach - identifying areas for discussion, grouping up to open them up, re-grouping to share.
Th podcast studio will be open for polemics, interviews, debates, summaries.
We'll be looking to identify key areas for exploration/research/documentation.

darVOZ will be soft-launching a creative currency, a mutual credit currency intended to facilitate all sorts of creative and collaborative work in the areas addressed during the week.

Programme Details

SUN Feb 4 : DarVoz 2019

Location: Newspeak House, London

Improfest 2018 - Chamada darVOZ - Brazil 08 Jan to 08 Feb 2018

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