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#darVOZweek 2018
Focus:Jan29  Coding:Jan29-Feb1
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Federated Wiki is a complete rethink of Wiki from its inventor, Ward Cunningham.
He felt that the build out of wiki had never quite enabled the character of collaboration he had hoped for, and set out to build anew.
In federated wiki, your pages are your own, and can be shared or private; if shared, they can be forked, sections copied across by other users. Your status as a collaborator is 'remembered' through all versions. A wide variety of 'transporters' have been built to enable use of varied media.
At the holo-hack in Barcelona, a parallel project named fractalWiki was hatched. The similarities were noted, and the applicability of holochain's 'agent-centric' mode and distributed processing was obvious.
A key sprint aim of the Holo Sprintathon week will be to implement a version of Federated Wiki on Holo, which has been christened LiquidWiki. Blockchain implementation will add secure verifiability to the provenance of content, which will significantly widen the applicability of the tool.
We will be looking to have Ward Cunningham participate in video hookups.

Programme Details

SUN Feb 4 : DarVoz 2019

Location: Newspeak House, London

Improfest 2018 - Chamada darVOZ - Brazil 08 Jan to 08 Feb 2018

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