darVOZ week 2018
Friday 2nd Feb
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Platform Earth is a microservice platform for the commons. Microservices are traditionally employed by large companies, distributed across many departments and work teams, to achieve scalability, agility and the ability to maintain high reliability systems. This architecture is particularly suited to decentralised organisation of the commons. Developers can work on smaller, more easily maintained code, use the toolchains of their choice, and this code can be reused across multiple organisations.

During the DarVoz coding sprint we will be calling out to developers to join us, to build modern decentralised applications and start to define standardised REST API's for cooperatives and social enterprises. For more information check our research and development wiki.

Platform Earth is aimed at providing as simple and as scaleable a means to allow socially oriented organisations to cooperate. Too many projects are re-inventing the wheel, and we now have robust open source tool chains that these organisations can deploy to reduce costs and improve quality.

Programme Details

SUN Feb 4 : DarVoz 2019

Location: Newspeak House, London

Improfest 2018 - Chamada darVOZ - Brazil 08 Jan to 08 Feb 2018

darVOZ is a creative collective. We try to make cool stuff happen.
We're working on tools to empower everyone to do the same.