PROGRAMME: #darVOZweek 2018

29 Jan - 4 Feb 

Areas of intensification


The principal focus of the week will be a Holochain sprintathon - coding on and for Holochain, with some pre-identified projects for progress - LiquidWiki, Mutual Credit and Argument Mapping: feel free to bring your own project, too!
Holochain as a technology offers itself as an underlying platform for the development of tools to support a more decentralised net. But what tools do we want?
Across the week we're asking people interested in some of the areas we think interesting to rock up and engage.
Each day (Monday-Saturday), the emphasis will be on scoping, designing, refining, documenting - and coding, of course. Focal points will be existing projects / expertise/tools - but do bring your own agenda.


In the evenings (and sometimes in the day, too), we'll be running a podcast studio, open to all types of production, from 3 minute pitches, to interviews, to discussions ...COME AND PARTICIPATE!

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MON Jan 29 : liquid WIKI

All day: we'll add more detail soon.
This is Wiki 2.0 we’re talking about. Ward Cunningham, inventor of wiki, has been working on a full-on re-imagining of the wiki approach in a project called Federated wiki - where your pages are your own, with lightweight and flexible navigation and multi-format content, but with a beautiful and liberating new dimension, whereby any user can fork, remix, adapt content from any public page.
You have to use it to appreciate the possibilities this opens up.
At the Barcelona Holo Hack, a similar concept was developed, called Fractal Wiki.
Through the sprintathon week, a main strand will be work to bring federated wiki and Fractal wiki ideas together onto holo, to make LiquidWiki.
On MONDAY, we'll be scoping, sketching, designing, discussing. We're aiming to get Ward to come in through a Zoom link, and we'll be running some Federated Wiki taster/tutorials.
In the evening, we'll be making podcasts around this topic.

TUE Jan 30 : Democratic Money

6.30pm onwards, Newspeak Hall.
Holochain grew out of a deeper project called the metacurrency project: the founders consider modes of valuing exchange critically important. But this may not mean money as commonly conceived. Holochain is an ideal platform for mutual credit-type currency systems, where the agent-centric model of crypto certainty is a perfect fit.
The intensity and conflicting interests around cryptocurrencies - the possibilities and purposes, the direction is, at the very least, highly liberating - in that it brings society to a Situationist moment - the realisation that money is not a given - that the rules can be radically different, that different rules imply different tendencies.
This is the time to intensify this debate.
darVOZ is instituting a creative collective currency, along Mutual Credit lines.
In the evening, we'll be hosting a DEMOCRACY CAFE style session with invited contributors, making podcasts around this topic.

WED Jan 31 : Viable Systems

10.30am - 4.30 pm, Newspeak Hall.
Decentralised organisations need excellent institutional design and governance. Trevor Hilder considers the underlying philosophy of Holo to be a good fit for Stafford Beer's Viable System Model - a meta-analysis of the various forces and modalities that we need to be aware of in order to structure and operate sustainable human institutions of all kinds.
In association with ExponentiallyHuman,
Trevor will be running his one-day course on the Viable System Model ( - not free - follow link).
In the evening, we'll be making podcasts around this topic.

THU Feb 1 : Argument Mapping

6.30 pm onwards, Newspeak Hall.
Clarity and consciousness over decision making, over ethical decisions are essential to decentralised organising.
The capacity to navigate the route that an argument takes in order to reach its conclusion, to see exactly where and how your own position diverges, to be able to follow the pathways whereby decisions were taken - all crucial capacities if we are to move beyond mob-scale democracy, and increasingly manage ourselves through peer-to-peer interaction.
Current tools could do with refinement.
Several experts in the field of decision graphing (and Holo enthusiasts) will be coming in.
In the evening, we'll be hosting a DENMOCRACY CAFE style session co-ordinated the the Project for a Progressive Ethics, and making podcasts around this topic.
We'll be working on graphic design for rich metadata content on Friday.

FRI Feb 2 : Platform.Earth

Platform.Earth is a vision of a microservices architecture to support human organisation - to digitally enable all sorts of stuff that seems tedious and bureaucratic, but which is necessary for legal constitution, for good democratics, for effective debate - and make these easy, so that the maximum space for the human interactions - the real work of groups - can be as free, as creative, as joyful, as beautiful, as serious, as it wants to be.

SAT Feb 3 : Podcast Studios

On Saturday, the main space will be occupied by a Momentum meeting, but we'll be setting up the podcast studio on the terrace (there's a heavy duty tent...)

SUN Feb 4 : Democracy Lab

On Sunday, darVOZ will be hosting an all day DEMOCRACY CAFE style event, with a strong contingent of progressives from diEM25 attending. We'll convene sessions on all the topics of the week, and welcome your participation. If you want to host a session, there'll be an opportunity for you to do so.

Programme Details

SUN Feb 4 : DarVoz 2019

Location: Newspeak House, London

Improfest 2018 - Chamada darVOZ - Brazil 08 Jan to 08 Feb 2018

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